R package: SurvRegCensCov

Stanislas Hubeaux and Kaspar Rufibach (2014): SurvRegCensCov: Weibull Regression for a Right-Censored Endpoint with Interval-Censored Covariate

R package: biostatUZH

Leonhard Held and Kaspar Rufibach, with further contributions by others (2010): biostatUZH: Misc Tools of the Department of Biostatistics, EBPI, University of Zurich

R package: OrdFacReg

Kaspar Rufibach (2009): OrdFacReg: Least Squares, Logistic, and Cox-Regression with Ordered Predictors

R package: OrdMonReg

Fadoua Balabdaoui, Kaspar Rufibach, Filippo Santambrogio (2009): OrdMonReg: Compute least squares estimates of one bounded or two ordered isotonic regression curves